Barista Level 2 Course - September 1st (7:30 PM)

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13102605_631096270371763_1865704121197145449_n (1).jpg

Barista Level 2 Course - September 1st (7:30 PM)


This course is designed on the heels of our Latte Art Course. Based on the feedback gathered from those classes, there was a huge request to design a course which covers all major components of being a successful Barista. Whethere you own a coffee shop and don't have time to train your employees or you are an existing Barista that wants to up your coffee game, this course is useful to many applications within the coffee industry.

In this course, we will be covering the following:

1) Seed to Cup Fundamentals

2) Cupping 101

3) Pour-Over 101

4) Espresso 101

5) Milk Steaming

6) Barista Etiquette

7) Kickass Customer Service

At the end of the class, there will be a latte art throwdown with some good music and an even better vibes. We are super excited to host you. We only have 5 seats available for this course so book your tickets today.

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