Rwanda PB Misozi Kopaka Coop - Fair Trade

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Rwanda PB Misozi Kopaka Coop - Fair Trade

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Medium Roast
This comes is imported from the famous Misozi Kopakama Coop in Rwanda. The story behind this coffee through every supply chain in as interesting as its notes. The 1994 Rwandan genocide left thousands of widows and orphans to provide for their families. In 2008, a group of 180 women from the KOPAKAMA Cooperative came together to form a Women’s Group. The focal point of the group was to share in the challenge of rehabilitating coffee fields in order to earn a better living in the absence of their husbands. The women raise funds through their coffee sales to plant a collective coffee field called Ejo Heza, or A Beautiful Tomorrow. The money has also been invested in water access for the community and has been used to help poor members buy cows. The coop has 247 women members who contribute through their individual and collective farms.


Lime, Peach and Black Tea Finish. This coffee is best enjoyed at 23 grams over pour over or 21 grams on a french press. Regardless of your brewing equipment, this coffee will perform well above excellent. 

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